Retreat Yourself

Creative Getaways

Weekend Retreats

Weekend retreats are the ideal creative getaway experience for small groups who yearn for an opportunity to reconnect with self and community. Gather your squad of six to twelve individuals, choose from a variety of beautiful locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the continent for your weekend away, and we will get started on planning the ideal experience for you to recharge and create. Weekend retreats are perfect for book clubs, families, old friends, and other communities who share history. Potential retreat themes are Rediscovering your Creative SelfStorytelling from the Heart, and Encounters with Gratitude and Grace, or any focus of your choosing. Contact me for a complimentary, one-hour coaching session to see what kind of experience best suits the needs of your community. Standard retreats run from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, and include lodging, food, and materials all priced according to your budget.

One Day Workshops

Looking for inspiration and guided reflection but don't have time for a weekend retreat experience? One day workshops are tailored to groups of 5-7 participants. One day workshops are held in the Shropshire market town of Oswestry, from 10am-2pm on Saturdays. The £65 per person fee includes creative activities, lunch, refreshments, and all materials.


Life and Creativity Coach

Retreat Coordinator and Facilitator

Restorative Practitioner

Writer and Storyteller

Experiential Learning Specialist

Community Wellness Advocate

Creative Development

As a professional educator and creativity coach for more than twenty years, working with both young people and adults, my philosophy is grounded in personalized and connected learning. Our collaborative, creative experiences and exercises are tailored to the needs of each community of learners, and aim to create an environment safe for risk taking and experimentation. Throughout our time together, we will continually assess your growth for relevance and meaning.

Personal Coaching

My experience as a creative and professional coach has helped me refine my abilities to support your journey for personal growth. We will work together as you clarify your goals and articulate steps you will take to achieve them. As a trained and experienced cognitive coach, my tools are centered on mediative questions and active listening, to amplify your reflective process of improvement and development. 

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is all about authenticity and immersion. New understandings only become meaningful when we participate fully in learning with our whole selves. I will select efficient and effective activities to pair with your development goals to encourage meaning and understand at a deep level. By working together within the coaching relationship, you will forge and document your personal, creative pathway.